The Goethe-Institute, the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany, is represented worldwide in 82 countries with 134 institutes. Its objectives are to promote the study of German language abroad and in Germany, to encourage international cultural cooperation and to convey a modern-day image of Germany by providing information about current culture, society and politics.

Six Goethe-Institutes in the United States – in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington – aim to support German teachers and students in their linguistic and professional development. Seminars and summer schools in the U.S. present opportunities to teachers for professional development. In addition, teachers and teaching assistants may qualify for stipends to study in Germany. The Goethe-Institute also develops materials that aid teachers in supporting and improving their German programs and in fostering German language and culture in the American educational system. Materials are published on the Goethe-Institute websites and can be downloaded or requested at the institutes.

For those who are interested in learning German, Goethe-Institutes offer a wide range of courses in Germany and around the world. There are courses for small groups, individuals or companies as well as distance learning courses. In addition, the institutes conduct standardized examinations based on the Common European Framework of Reference; these exams are worldwide accepted as proofs of German language proficiency. The Goethe-Institute is also frequently represented at conferences in the United States, informing teachers and those interested in the German language or Germany about new offerings and current developments in Germany. In addition to its involvement with language, local Goethe-Institutes offer a wide range of cultural events related to Germany such as exhibitions, movies and lectures.

For further information please visit www.goethe.de/usa

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